Welcome to The Diversity Community of Practice

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The DCoP is now Systemwide

If you're interested in joining, please complete the following application.

The Diversity Community of Practice (DCoP) is a grassroots community of faculty and staff from collegiate and administrative units that started on the Twin Cities Campus. Systemwide faculty and staff are invited to join monthly meetings via Zoom. The purpose of the DCoP is to develop and leverage personal, professional, and technical expertise, effectively creating innovative strategies that ensure successful implementation of equity and diversity goals at the University of Minnesota.

The goals of the DCoP are to:

  • Educate, collaborate, support, and assess
  • Connect specific college equity and diversity strategies to the University of Minnesota's strategic plan
  • Change the status quo
  • Share resources and collaborate
  • Increase awareness of collegiate diversity goals, events, etc.
  • Support one another as members innovate and take risks
  • Utilize outcomes-based assessment to make decisions and determine success

DCoP Membership

DCoP members act as liaisons to their units. Some members are formally charged diversity professionals, and others have voluntarily stepped into this role and are leaders in these efforts within their units. Each member serves as a representative of their unit and is tasked with conveying the lessons learned through their participation with the DCoP as well as bringing issues and considerations from their unit to DCoP meetings for brainstorming solutions and follow-up action.

Membership currently includes faculty and staff systemwide. 

If you're interested in joining, please complete the following application.

For more information, contact Virajita Singh, Associate Vice Provost, Office for Equity and Diversity, at singh023@umn.edu.

DCoP Representation Systemwide

There are currently 4 out of the 5 System Campuses and over 80 University of Minnesota colleges and units represented in the DCoP.

See a current list here.